United Victory new season preparations to kick-off tomorrow.

United Victory is set to kick-off their preparations tomorrow for this year's football season. Except UV all other seven teams already began their training in the mid February. President Cup semi finalist UV's season preparations were on a hold due to some issues, most likely financial, which first to be taken care of.

It was financial issues. That's why we could not begin sooner like other teams.But we are looking forward to begin shortly.

An official of the club spoke to media about the current situation of the club. " We are thinking about to hold a new election to elect new board. ".

Refusing to go into details official also said that an interested party was actually going to take over the club as a leader for this season, but it did not happen because of some pressures from other side. And according to the official, UV is in need of help from local business men. " Any party good enough is most welcome to join club's board ".

Regarding to this season's squad, official said " Only two local players left the club, majority of the players will be playing in UV shirt this season also. And we are bringing two foreign players, we hope they will be as better as last season's foreign players". Syrian goalkeeper Mahmoud and Croatian striker Keric played a very important role during last season UV's good run. But both players will be featuring in Red's (Victory Sports Club) shirt in the new season 2017.

Mohamed Athif (Coach Aathi) is belived to instruct the league 4th placing team this season also. It was under Aathi which UV managed to get 4th place of the league and advancing into semi finals after beating league champions Maziya. UV also won against Maziya in the league.

29 January 2017