Nizambe Switches to Buru Sports Club

Nizambe Switches to Buru Sports Club
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Buru Sports Club has announced experienced coach Mohamed Nizam (Nizambe) as their head coach.

Newly promoted Buru Sports Club unveiled their new boss yesterday on their social media.

Former National team Under-16 coach Nizambe is best known for winning Dhivehi Premier League and Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup(An invitational international Cup played in Bangladesh). Nizambe is also one of the only two Maldivian coaches who has worked with a foreign club. In 2019 Nizambe signed with Saif Sporting of Bangladesh, before returning to take over Maziya Sports Club. After resigning from Maziya Nizambe returned to TC Sports in 2020.

Buru Sports Club was promoted to the Dhivehi Premier League earlier this year with a very good record including a win against New Radiant Sports Club.

Photo: Buru Sports Club

02 December 2022