Victory suspension lifted while Blues given breathing space

Victory suspension lifted while Blues given breathing space
Football Association of Maldives New Radiant Sports Club Victory Sports Club

Football Association of Maldives has lifted the suspension of Victory Sports Club following unpaid salaries of players and coaching staff. Victory recently elected a new board and settled all their due wages to players and officials of the club. Victory has now been given the green light to compete in the 2022 FAM second division and the club has already begun preparation for the second division. Victory will be headed by Sri Lankan coach Pakir Ali. 

Meanwhile, New Radiant has been given the chance to settle the club's debt and return to the football pyramid. Blues recently elected a new board of directors led by chairman Wasif who has said that the club is working to settle the debts soon. The campaign to revive the Blues has also received the backing and support of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu).

Wasif and his team must raise close to six million Ruffiya in wages the club owned to players. A case against New Radiant is currently registered at the FIFA tribunal led by the former left-back of the Blues and Afghan National team captain Haroon Amiri. 

06 June 2022