Aisam Goals Help Maziya Defeat Green Streets

Aisam Goals Help Maziya Defeat Green Streets
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Goals from Ibrahim Aisam helped Maziya defeat Green Streets in tonight's Dhivehi Premier League match.

Aisam(Toni) scored the opener half an hour into the game. Despite Maziya attacks, Green Streets managed to keep them at bay with resilient defending and counter attacks.

Maziya doubled their lead again Aisam shooting low into Ahmed Rameez's goal. The former Victory goalkeeper made several saves throughout the match. His counterpart Kiran Kuram Limbu(Kiran) did the same for Maziya saving Hassan Nazeem Gassim(Choatu) and Ali Shamis(Thoppe) one on one shots away. Hassan Naiz(Dhaadhu) finally killed the game in fifteen minutes from time tapping in a cross at far post. Ibrahim Waheed(Ibbe) was awarded the goal that seems to look like an own goal by Green Streets captain Saaif.

The win gives Maziya a 5 point lead against Eagles who play United Victory tomorrow. Green Streets still in trouble, still the relegation are two points away from safety.

Photo: FAM

10 May 2022