Manish Dhangi Goal Disappoints the Hosts

Manish Dhangi Goal Disappoints the Hosts
Maldives Nepal SAFF Yeasin Arafat Hamza Mohamed Kiran Chemjong Danish Farooq Bhat

Nepal disappoints hosts Maldives with a 1-0 victory in tonight's SAFF Championship clash.

Maldives started very strongly in the first half, controlling much of the game. Efforts from Ashfaq(Dhagandey), Hamza(Hampu) were kept away by the experienced goalkeeper Kiran Chemjong.

At the closing stages Maldives hard to find an opening only for Nepal to exploit the Maldivian defence. Against the run of play Manish Dangi cooly finished the counter attack move to make it 1-0 for Nepal.

Favorites India will take on Bangladesh on the 4th. Bangladesh and Nepal remain shared 1st place after 1-0 draws on the opening day of SAFF Championship.

Photo: Football Association of Maldives

01 October 2021