Topu Barman Penalty Wins It For Bangladesh

Topu Barman Penalty Wins It For Bangladesh
Bangladesh SAFF Sri Lanka Hassan Nimal Sujan Perera Topu Barman Yogendra Duckson Puslas

Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka 1-0 in the opening match of the SAFF Championship 2021.

Sri Lanka held back the Bangladeshi efforts in much of the first half with former Eagles goalkeeper Sujan Perera pulling of an excellent save to keep the scores level.

However 10 minutes into the second half Sri Lanka and TC Sports defender Duckson Puslas fouled in the box and was given marching orders. Bangladeshi strongman Topu Barman stepped up to give Bangladesh the lead. Sri Lanka playing with ten men pressed on only to be denied by Bangladesh. England's Queen Parks Rangers player Dillon De Silva made dashing runs troubling the defence to give hope for Sri Lanka. 

Later tonight the hosts Maldives take on Nepal at 21:00 hours.

Photo: Football Association of Maldives

01 October 2021