Maziya Hosts Colorful Event

Maziya Hosts Colorful Event
Maldives Maziya Sports and Recreation Club SAFF

Maziya held a massive event to celebrate the start of the SAFF Championship of 2021.

Maziya Sports and Recreation held the event to honor the Maldives National team, the Defending Champions and hosts. The crowd was the biggest so far. The book "MAGEY MAHAHDEEP" was also handed out as the massive crowd celebrated with the traditional sounds of 'boduberu' and a buffet dinner. Maziya Chairman Ahmed Sajid, invited crowds of Maldivian supporters.

Saharafalhi MV12 jersey unveiled by Ahmed Sajid

Maldives loudest supporter group, Saharafalhi MV12 jersey was unveiled in the event by the Maziya chairman. Saharafalhi MV12 is has been working for weeks to decorate the stadium and help bring in support.

Maldives opening match is against Nepal tonight at 21:00pm at the Galolhu National Stadium.

Photo: Maziya Sports

01 October 2021