Tickets Go On Sale This Afternoon

Tickets Go On Sale This Afternoon
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Tickets go on sale today at 2pm at the National Stadium.

Tickets will be sold for the first two games from 2pm onward till 11pm at the game in front of Olympus Cinema. The counter will reopen againon the 30th September(Tomorrow) from 10am to 6pm and ahain from 8pm till 11pm.  Tickets sold on the above dates are for the two opening day matches. In the opening match Bangladesh will take on Sri Lanka in the evening before the hosts Maldives take on Nepal at 9pm. Tickets for the next match days will sold a day before and on the match-day of the particular match. Tickets for "Gondibari" area is for MVR 100 and "Sidibari" area is for MVR 75.

Only 5 tickets are allowed per person and having completed the vaccination is a requirement for all attendees to games.

Due to security and safety issues, fans are not allowed to go out during the halftime.

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29 September 2021