SaharaafalhiMV12 Urges Fans to Fill the Stands for SAFF Championships

SaharaafalhiMV12 Urges Fans to Fill the Stands for SAFF Championships
Maldives SAFF

Maldives national team supporters’ group has urged fans to join their efforts in supporting the Red Snappers in the upcoming SAFF Championship 2021. The group have begun preparations for the SAFF Championship last week and want more fans to join them.

Established in 2016 SaharaafalhiMV12 take the groups name from the National Stadiums eastern terrace commonly know as Saharaafalhi due to its location next to the Galolhu cemetery.

SaharaafalhiMV12 has been active ever since the friendly game against Bangladesh in which Maldives won 4-0. But a supposed home game was turned into a frenzy by the Bangladesh fans revoking an immediate formation of an active supporter’s group.

The group is well known for their drum chants, Banners, and never-ending vocal support to the Red Snappers. SaharaafalhiMV12 has launched a campaign to prepare for the upcoming SAFF Championship and have launched the groups supporter’s jersey.

Speaking with Boalhamv General Secretary of SaharaafalhiMV12, Zaleeshan Samir (GS) said that the group intend to have a small ceremony to launch the official supporter’s jersey. Furthermore, they aim to reach a mass audience and get as many people involved as possible.

“We are also preparing a large banner paying homage to the Red Snapper’s. There is no reason we cannot go back to the glory days of local Football”. Said Saharaafalhi GS.

GS also said that they are preparing a match program with chants and detailed support instructions. “We want to maximize home advantage, so we want as many people as possible to fill the stands and back the Red Snappers”.

GS also thanked FA Maldives president Bassam and the leadership for their support. Maldives opens their SAFF Championship title defense against Nepal on 1 October 2021, 21:00. 

Photo: Saharaafalhi MV12

26 September 2021