Former Football Legend and GS of FA, Shah Ismail is Back

Former Football Legend and GS of FA, Shah Ismail is Back
Dhivehi Premier League FAM

Former General Secretary of Football Association of Maldives, well known National team striker Shah Ismail is back in the Association.

Shah Ismail will be the Director of Administration for the newsly announced Dhivehi Premier League format. In the new format there will be four zones and teams from all four zones will have the chance to qualify to a Home/Away based Dhivehi Premier League. The new format will be in place for the Dhivehi Premier League of 2023. Four Champions from four zones will join the existing Dhivehi Premier League teams in 2023 and will have equal relegation/ promotion opportunities from then on.

Shah Ismail is known for his brilliant goals and consistent performances for club and country.

The FA President, Bassam Adheel Jaleel posted the news earlier today that Shah Ismail will join as the Director of Administration. The new format was introduced earlier by former United Victory coach Mohamed Adam, the architect of the new look Dhivehi Premier League.

Photo: Football Association of Maldives

23 September 2021