OPINIONS: Why Imran Is So Important

OPINIONS: Why Imran Is So Important
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Imran in my opinion is one of the most influential players Maldives has ever produced.

More than 100 caps, Imran is Maldives best goalkeeper ever and he needs no introduction if you have any clue about Maldives football. 

Now him returning to inspire the likes of Faisal can only be good for Maldivian goalkeepers. As a goalkeeper in school days, we always looked forward to seeing Maldivian goalkeepers doing well in SAFF Championships. Faisal has been very good replacement for Imran, though he is still long way behind what Imran was. For me Imran assisting Suzain the national team means, he will have a lot of time with the goalkeepers, along with goalkeeper coach Aslam.  While Aslam is an excellent goal keeper coach, not only developing Maldivian goalkeepers, but according to Sri Lankan captain Sujan Perrera, Aslam helped him develop to who he is today.

The fans always loved Imma (Photo: ImagesMV)

Back to Imran, I think the Football Association and Ali Suzain made the right decision as Imran will be huge influence in the team. Most likely United Victory's young goalkeeper along with Maziya reserve goalkeeper will be in the squad and Imran has to influence them to be better for sure.  The most senior players in the Maldives, Ali Ashfaq, Ali Fasir etc were all Imran's teammates for Maldives and even New Radiant in their hey-days. Imran will command respect in the ranks for sure.

But what I love about him being in the National set-up is that Imran's is the peoples guy in the national team. I don't remember Imran not coming over to us supporters to shake our hands and appreciate the fans. To me, we haven't had anyone like him in Maldives in this regard, to me he was the fan's player. He is always in touch with the supporters and inspiring the young. Imran is a true leader.

He is very much an asset to Suzain's national set-up. 

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Adnan- A fan of Maldives and Eagles

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17 August 2021