Bengaluru- Eagles to be Live on YES TV

Bengaluru- Eagles to be Live on YES TV
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AFC Cup play-off match between Eagles and Bengaluru will be shown LIVE on Yes TV.

Supporters are not allowed into the National Stadium due to Covid-19 restrictions, though the match will be shown live.

The winner of the play-off will join Maldivian Champions Maziya Sports, India's ATK Mohun Bagan and Bangladesh's Bashundhara Kings in the Group-D of AFC Cup. AFC Cup group matches will also be played in Male'. The play-off winner will play Mohun Bagan on the 18th in the National Stadium. 

Begaluru FC's home match was moved to Maldives, due to the worsening covid-19 situation in India. The match was cancelled earlier with an issue with some players breaking the curfew protocols. After a long wait AFC Cup play-off match is expected to kick-off at 20:00pm in the Galolhu National Stadium tonight.

Photo: Football Association of Maldives

15 August 2021