National futsal team selection trials to be held today and tomorrow

National Futsal team seection is scheduled to be held today 12th June and tomorrow 13th June. This announcement by FA Maldives comes months after FA president Bassam Adeel Jaleel said that he would help develop Futsal in Maldives.

Futsal first started out as an indoor recreation game of football in Montevideo, Uruguay and became popular in Uruguay after they won the 1930 world cup and ever since spread through south america and becoming one f the most popular sport.

Futsal is currently governed by two bodies Asociacion Mundial de Futbol de Salon (AMF) and Fifa.

This is the first time ever that a national Futsal side is being assembled in Maldives. Futsal is very popular among youth. Hundreds of Futsal pitches have been constructed through out the the country. With such facilities in place there is every chance that Futsal will become a stronghold in Maldives.

Trials will be held on June 12th and 13th 2230HRS at FAM turf 1.

12 June 2017