Women's national team training with ambitious target

Maldives women's team begin preparations for SAFF championship with target to reach the final of the competition. Maldives made it to the semi-finals of the SAFF championship held in 2016 coming 2nd in the group.

Head coach Athif said that he knows the difficulty of the task but that it is possible. "To make it to the final is very difficult because many players are doing this part time they have day jobs and do this during free time" said Athif.

Athif wants his side to play more competitive matches before the next SAFF championship with hopes of conceding few goals in competitive matches and give more experience to players.

four editions of the SAFF championship has taken place with India unchallenged as they are the only team to have won the competition. Maldives women's side has been improving over the years and the wait for the competition intensifies among players and fans.

10 June 2017